Photography & Post Processing Online Workshops

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Are you looking to improve your photography and post processing skills through Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom? If so, then Susan online workshops are perfect for you. If Susan’s images have inspired you to develop your own landscape photography skills, you now have the opportunity to learn first-hand through online Skype workshop sessions she offers.

Nothing beats one on one training and having a professional photographer right there to coach you through your workflow and image while answering all your questions. There are many added benefits to utilizing this excellent resource to include saving you money and improving your photography/processing skills. It doesn't matter where you are in your photographic journey beginner, novice, hobbyist, it is always good to get another perspective from someone's photos you admire. 

Just some of the topics we can cover:

1. Raw Processing

2. Photoshop CC & Lightroom 

3. Luminosity Masks

4. Light Painting/Emphasis

5. Color Balance

6. The Orton Effect

7. Web Sharpening Techniques

I can teach you anywhere in the world you may be as long as you have an internet connection! Private post-processing lessons are available via Skype at a rate of $60 USD per hour (payable via PayPal or online invoice), making a typical 2-hour session $120. Two hours are recommended for a full processing course which is generally enough time to go over a substantial amount of information. Any questions you may have are welcome at anytime as this is a one on one interactive workshop.

When you book a online workshop with me you I will require you to send me your RAW image or images 3 days in advance so I can get familiar with your photo so I am not wasting your time during the session. I also ask that you have Adobe Photoshop CC or Lightroom so that we can work together. During the actual workshop I will record and also share my screen so you can see all the edits first hand and will provide you with a copy of the video after so you can review it later. I can cover a wide variety of topics and would love to help you reach your goals regardless of your skill level. 

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