"Mount Grinnell Aglow"

Susan Holt Fine Art Photography

The peaks and surrounding area were vibrantly glowing for what seemed like 20 minutes, and then the sky slowly faded to grey. In the end, this is what makes the image unique since Grinnell Point stands out from the rest of the landscape and becomes the center of attention.

Many Glaciers Valley is one of the most scenic locations within Glacier Park and many people consider this area the heart of the park. The Swiftcurrent Lake, fed with glacial melt, is set against a dramatic granite backdrop. The pyramid-shaped mountain is Mount Grinnell, a name it shares with a lake and a glacier not visible from this angle. Mount Wilbur can be seen further off on the right. Massive mountains, active glaciers, sparkling lakes, hiking trails, and abundant wildlife make this a favorite of visitors and locals alike. This stunning image was taken during a summer sunrise along Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana and the colors were amazing! 

The glacier was discovered in 1885 by George Bird Grinnell, an early American conservationist, explorer, writer and founder of the Audubon Society. Grinnell was so inspired by the scenery during his first visit to the area that he spent the next two decades working to establish it as a national park. Interestingly, during his final visit to the glacier in 1926, Grinnell noted in his diary that "the glacier is melting very fast and the amount of water coming from it is great. All these glaciers are receding rapidly and after a time will disappear.". Swiftcurrent Lake is located in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park, in Montana. Swiftcurrent Lake lies at 4,878 feet (1,487 m) above sea level. Nearby lakes include the much larger Lake Sherburne to the east and Lake Josephine to the immediate southwest. The mountains immediately west of the lake rise 3,000 feet (910 m) above the lake. The fast disappearing Grinnell Glacier is one of several glaciers and snowfields that provide water for the streams that replenish the lake. Mount Gould, Grinnell Point and Mount Wilbur are the largest mountains immediately west of the lake.The Many Glacier Hotel, the largest hotel in the park, is along the east shore of the lake. Many hiking trails originate from the area and scenic tour boats provide access to the lake for visitors. From the Many Glacier Hotel 7600-foot Grinnell Point will be the prominent mountain standing directly across the lake. Angel Wing will flank it towards the southwest, while 9321-foot Mt. Wilbur sits a little further back towards the west. All three mountains provide the perfect backdrop to Swiftcurrent Lake, which begs to be photographed. Any trip to Glacier National Park should include a side trip up to the Many Glacier Valley. It is just as scenic, if not more so, that the scenery found along the Going to the Sun Road.



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