Susan Holt Fine Art Photography

After a few hours of driving to Invermere, Canada, we set off for our next destination along the steep, 4-mile climb to Jumbo Pass. The track rises from the forest below Bastille Mountain’s ramparts before the incredible panorama opens out across Jumbo and Karnak Mountains to one side and the stunning Horseshoe Glacier tumbling from the Cauldron Mountain to the other. The only way I can describe the hike is like constantly climbing up a set of stairs, loaded down with 43 pounds of camping and photography gear. We decided to spend the night here, shooting both sunset and sunrise with stunning fields of wildflowers juxtaposed against the rugged peaks.

One of the reasons I had opted to do this trip during summer (rather than fall when most photographers head to The Rockies to capture the larches in full color) was because of the wildflowers in bloom. But this was not without its challenges. First, the high wind in the mountains makes shooting difficult, especially as I like to get in close so the wildflowers really fill the frame. To compensate for the wind you have to bump up your ISO so that you have a faster shutter speed and still (rather than blurry) flowers. But that also leads to increased ‘noise’. Second, I wanted my images to be sharp from the front all the way back to the mountains - something that’s not possible in a single image. This means I have to take multiple shots of exactly the same composition with different focal points (and ISO) and ‘stack’ them during post-processing - something that takes patience and a good eye.


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